Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Stegosaurus Slideshow

My Stegosaurus Slideshow

The dinosaur slideshow was my favorite part. We took the information from our essays and put it into bullet statements. A bullet is the little dot to the left of the words. Bullets are supposed to be short and to the point. I liked the fun ways we could make the text and pictures move. That was called animation.

My Stegosaurus Essay

My Stegosaurs Essay


We used the info in the notes we took to write essays about our dinosaurs. It was a lot of work to write the sentences. We shared them with a friend and helped each other capitalize stuff we forgot and to spell our words right. Then our teacher helped us make them perfect and ready to publish.  I remember that I showed everyone how to open Google Chrome twice and shrink the windows to fit on our monitors so we could see our notes and our essay at the same time without having to go back and forth between tabs. My teacher gave me a high five for that!

Gathering Info About Stegosaurus

My Stegosaurus Notes

We took information from a website called Enchanted Learning and gathered it together in a Google Doc so we could learn about our dinosaur. It was fun but hard to find the information. I liked learning how long he was.